I’m Jess! Hoping to turn my cooking & baking into a living. Available as a cook, baker & yummy stuff maker for your table!

Jess Ayres

Cook, Baker, Recipe Maker

What do I do?

I love cooking from scratch. The longer the recipe, the happier I am. I make a range of cuisines – from Italian to Austrian to Thai – from meat dishes to vegetarian and vegan. I’m always looking for new flavours and meals that fill me up and make me smile.

Baking is all about taste for me – I’m amazed at the power of yeast or the combination of eggs, butter and flour. My Austrian mother used to make “Mehlspeisen” for our dinner occasionally – not the healthiest option but the yummiest by far. I embrace baking in all its various forms – breakfast, lunch, dinner and treats.

What I do is constantly evolving. Currently it’s a weekly frozen/fresh meal offering. All made in my little kitchen and delivered with a set of cooking/heating instructions. My aim is to provide filling, nutritious and delicious home-made meals – free from any ultra-processed ingredients – that you may not have the time, skill or facilities to create yourself.

This week's Menu

Meals Vol.41


Baked Goods

I specialise in biscuits, pastries and cakes made by hand according to time-tested recipes. What they lack in sugar coated fondant they make up for in deliciousness. Home baking at it’s best.

Birthdays & Events

Just a Cook offers bespoke catering for any type of event – ranging from finger foods and salads to a fully catered menu.

Specialty Dishes

Homemade, handmade fresh pasta – you’ll taste the difference. I make a selection of ravioli and tortellini – little pasta parcels filled with yumminess and various dried shapes in multiple colours!

Potstickers – filled and pleated in my kitchen for you to fry and steam at home. They have a crispy bottom and a soft centre and also come with a dipping sauce for you to dunk in before every bite.

Baked dishes – These I consider to be my best comfort foods – Lasagna made with fresh pasta, Melanzane with layers of cheese throughout and pies that warm you from the inside out.